Be your own Masterchef

How have we all found the past month’s sugar social awareness campaign? 

I hope that we are all loving adapting recipes of our own and lowering our sugar consumption in our daily diets. 

How do you feel? Like  a Masterchef?

Recreating your own recipe is a great and fun alternative to baking. Ever wish you were on Masterchef? Organise a kids dinner party and let your little munchkins be the judges of your baking skills. 

What a good way to keep the kids entertained as well as watch the sugar they are consuming? 

The importance of balance is the key aspect to any diet or fad. When trying to ever worry about being a healthy human being, it is only natural to want a piece of cake or a scoop or two of Vanilla ice cream. 


Think of a cake as a special occasion. Not only are custom cakes ordered for special occasions, but why not make them that special day where you either break the diet or are trying the moderation railroad. Everyone is allowed to indulge every so often, so put the special in the special occasion. Either order a cake from the King himself, or bake one from the  recipes that you have tucked away in your old cookbook. Make a day of it, pick a day once a month, where you get your aprons on, spoons and spatula’s to the ready and get creative. 

Moderation I say, is the ultimate key. Think wisely, become a bake-aholic and share your special occasions with all your friends. 


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