The Beauty of Natural Ingredients


Who ever would have thought that eggs, in their natural state would ever be so healthy for your outsides, just as much as your insides.

Eggs are full of protein rich nutrients that are surprisngly nourishing for the human body. I however, don’t fancy rubbing raw eggs on my face, however I can tell you that when a bit of raw egg spills on my hand whilst mixing up The Cake King storm, my hands do oh so soft!

The Cake King is a big believer in home beauty methods. As apart of this blog, not only do I want to show you The Cake King creations, but want to treat my passionate bakers the methods I use to relieve my stress after a busy day in The Cake King workshop.

Both egg whites and egg yolks have nourishing beauty properties.

Here is my easy guide to a beautiful smooth complexion:

The Cake King Facial – fit for a stressed king

  1. Separate 3 egg whites and whisk
  2. Add 1 tbsp Manuka Honey
  3. In a circular motion, rub the mixture onto the entire face. Avoid the eye area.
  4. Leave on face for 20 minutes whilst you finish buttercream-ing your cake

Tips: This formula, can also be used in conjunction with half of a pulsed avocado. This acts more like a thick face mask.

Do YOU want hair as long and luscious as Rapunzel or those models from the Pantene advertisements? Well here is the quick and easy method for you.

The Cake King Hair Treatment 

  1. Using the separated egg yolks from your facial treatment, beat the egg yolks
  2. Add 50mL of coconut oil
  3. Rub and massage the mixture throughout the entire hair
  4. Leave mixture on for 15 minutes and then rinse in shower with cold water.

NOTE: Remember, you are using egg yolks which I love making scrambled eggs out of, so unless you want hairy scrambled eggs all over your bathroom floor, don’t turn the hot water tap up, until the formula has come out of your hair entirely.

The world and it’s natural state offers us all so many beauty treatments. I just love creating and inventing at home beauty therapies just as much as I love thinking of new recipes to satisfy my happy clients and followers.


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